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Ganō Care

Ganō is a pioneer in Cannabis Sativa L. Since 2018, we combine our expertise in the origin, extraction and certification of hemp in no-nonsense plant-based products for emotional and physical balance.

 Backed by science, we feel confident in saying that we produce the most pure, organic and high-quality CBD currently available. Discover the power of Cannabis Sativa L. extractions in our skincare and aromatherapy candles.


Ganō Routine

'Ganō Care is created to help you gain back balance in your life.'

We all face challenges daily. We hustle to work, we perform in our jobs and we take care of our children. In this hustle, we still need to make time for ourselves. We help you to take care of your body, mind and skin. 

Due to our hectic lifestyle, our body and mind struggle with stress, anxiety and sleep problems. This inner unbalance also reflects on your skin. At Ganō, we believe that beautiful skin is the result of a balanced body and mind. 

That’s why we combine the power of Cannabis Sativa L. extractions in food supplements and skincare. A balanced body & mind is expressed from the inside to the outside and the other way around. We recommend using our food supplements in addition to our skincare to get optimal effects on your skins, mind & body. We call this the Ganō revolution, ready to join? 


Backed by science

We pride Cannabis Sativa L. because its effectiveness is backed by science. We’re all born with an inner Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which regulates your organs, nervous system, immune system and digestion. This system connects with the cannabinoids (CBD, CBG & CBN) which are found in Cannabis Sativa L. This connection neutralises excesses & brings back balance.


How it all started

As a pioneer in Cannabis Sativa L., we started our journey in 2018. We broke a lance for food supplements based on the effective plant molecules in Cannabis Sativa L. In short notice, we helped many clients in Belgium to get balance again in their lives. From people suffering from pain to people willing to gain more control over their stressful lives. 

As we stood close to our clients, we noticed that our clients' skin looked more healthy. Their skin flora improved significantly as a side-effect of consuming CBD drops. That triggered us and we started doing research on the effect of cannabinoids in skincare products. After 3 years of research, we are proud to present the Ganō skincare series as part of the Ganō routine. 


Produced in Belgium & Swiss-grade hemp

Ganō Care has its roots in Antwerp, Belgium. We’re proud about our pioneering role in Belgium. We act upon it by trying our best to exclusively work with Belgian suppliers. Our skincare series is produced in a Belgian laboratory and our packaging is produced by a Belgian packaging firm. 

We’re also proud to exclusively use Swiss-grade hemp. In Switzerland, Cannabis Sativa L. is legally harvested in the best climatic conditions. The terroir is important as cannabinoids are most active if they’re grown in full-ground in the mountains interchanged by wind and sunshine. We produce our extractions in Switzerland in a certified laboratory. 


Hemp-based packaging

Our skincare packaging is made from production-waste of Cannabis Sativa L. When extracting Cannabinoids from the flowers and leaves of the raw plant, we extract cannabis oil which contains many different Cannabinoids. We literally squeeze the oil in the plants. The dry fibres of the flowers and leaves are then used for our paper boxes. 


Same Day Dispatch

All orders placed before 12:00 Monday to Friday are dispatched same day.

Free & Fast Delivery

A free fully-trackable 2-day delivery service on all orders over €75.

Certified & Tested

Produced in an Accredited Laboratory. Supreme Certified Tested & Analyzed.